About Me

I spent much of my childhood in the nature. I was roaming around the woods, collecting and discovering things, I was interested in everything that surrounded me.

This childhood curiosity has been driving me ever since. This internal power is what’s taking me out to nature day after day, this is where I find myself, where my mind purifies and my soul calms down. 

The silence and the soft sounds of the woods and the chirping of the birds are the most beautiful sounds of music to my ears, the shapes of leaves are the best of designs and the colors of the sunset are the most beautiful shades I’ve ever seen.

I take something home with me every time, may it be a memory, a harmony of colours, a feeling, a structure, a composition or an experience.
I was to become a fashion designer. After completing my studies as an ornamentalist, I attended the Budapest School of Fashion. I was working for several years in the fashion industry, but after a while I realized that my path of life is taking my somewhere else. Becoming a mother at a young age made me see the values children represent and this has also been motivating me in my work ever since then.

This is what brought Borarti to life.

Borarti, with what I have been aiming for a goal, not lesser than brining nature and creation closer to people, making people get to like them and turning them into a part of their lives.