With Experience Space I dreamt up a creative space, where I get everyone to create, since every object, color and atmosphere inspires.

I smuggled the closeness of nature into it, so one has a feeling as if he/she was outdoors. Furnishing objects are old items that have been rethought, because I believe this is right and I support the creative space with it as well. Everything is given here for free creating and and creative thinking.

In reality, the studio is an ever changing community space, that is open in front of you too if you want to organize a special birthday experience, a unique event, an exciting pop-up show or a presentation room or any other event at an extraordinary venue. For more information send us a message.


With the Experience Space, we have dreamed of a creative space where everyone who cares about a sustainable lifestyle and an inspiring environment can find their computation.

We smuggled the closeness of nature into the space, making one feel as if we were outdoors. The furnishings are rethought old pieces because we believe this is so right and we also support the creative medium with it. Here, everything is given to free creation and creative thinking.

The studio is actually an ever-changing community venue that is also open to you if you are organizing a special birthday experience, a unique event, an exciting pop-up showroom or sales space, or any other event in an unconventional venue. The Experience Space is suitable for photography, filming, holding workshops, coaching, training and team building. We welcome you if you need a venue, an activity, a creative, gastro program or any other exciting idea.

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The Borarti Experience Space is not only a venue, but with our full range of services, the programs held here will be unforgettable experiences.
Decoration suitable for the program, catering, photographer, even together with the staff can be ordered from us.
We work on a unique basis, so each program will be unique and special.
Our creative workshops can also be connected, which we can also intertwine in a personalized way with the dream program.

12o sqm contiguous space
fully equipped kitchen
bathroom with shower / bath
garden room
Capacity 25 people (for planted program)
4o people (for standing program) capacity
free parking