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I consider human connections important, I believe that quality time spent together is value. The aim of the workshops is to add the experience of co-creation to the quality of life of the participants in the event. The free creative medium, recycling, creative thinking, a close-to-nature approach and an inspiring medium contribute to all this. Along these values, I want to provide lasting experiences for adults as well.

Quality tools, recycled ingredients, understanding help, creative media and delicious coffee await everyone in the Borarti Experience Space. We help you break out of the rush of everyday life, slow down, find the focus and live the perfect experience.

The program is based on the Borarti Alkoss free methodology. We use art, that is, the realm of the realization of ideas, as a tool and not as an end goal. Participants are free to plan, try, and express the richness of their inner world and imagination through the tasks. This kind of approach brings a lot more ideas, thoughts and criticisms out of people’s minds. The abilities and skills they develop in this way provide an opportunity for a much more complex and systemic thinking that can later be used in other areas of life, as evidenced by the latest work methodological trends known today. During the creative processes, their problem-solving skills, creativity, critical thinking, openness, and purposefulness develop, almost unconsciously. The process of creation also develops emotional intelligence: it helps to process everyday stimuli, feelings and situations, and to solve the anxieties and fears associated with them.
-Stamp stories - create a story together!

When we walk in the woods we can observe the footprints of the animals on the ground. The Indians, too, were able to defend themselves with the help of footprints. Sealing somewhere is their hand-made, man-made technology.

It is exciting to stamp, leave a print, make an imprint of patterns, because after that we can use it as many times as we want, so we can also design wallpaper patterns and textile patterns through reproduction.

The program starts with a planning process, a common story telling, situation exercise, and all this must be recorded on paper as a sketch. The final teamwork is prepared on a giant roll of paper, where the participants draw and paint.

The seals are made individually and then printed on large paper. Thus, the importance of the individual also plays a role in team play.

Make a story out of it, seal it, draw it and figure out the characters, plot it. The whole team can be involved in fantasizing, the scene of big laughs can be such a busy pursuit together. Storytelling can be used to process problems, difficulties, or to focus on a single topic.
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