Borarti x de! Ceramics hanging decoration - Sound of forest green/blue




Each item of the collection is unique and carries the philosophy, that Borarti represents: the respect, love and simplicity of nature. I use recycled materials where possible, so each item is a little bit different, I don’t make products by templates on an assembly line.
For me, each item is special, because they relate to a personal experience and they are all made by a human hand. It feels that they carry a part of me, they are made from the bottom of my heart with love, so that they can set out on their journey and fulfill their destiny by moving into their new homes where, with their presence, they offer happiness, peace and inspiration to their owners and they draw our attention to the importance of the closeness of nature.
They are to provide energy for weekdays and coziness for weekends. Whenever we look at them, a pleasant thrill is to run though our bodies, similar to the feeling of the first warm breeze of spring on our faces.
These objects serve this reason. They remind us the importance of this connection day after day. Touch it and look at it! Be inside it! This is my way to nature.

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Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 200.000000 g
SKU 67291-42-03