Borarti x Séllei Lilla bags Közepes méretű, cipzáros hátizsák - SOFTSHELL Borarti



Medium-sized backpack (larger than the variable backpack but smaller than the large backpack) from the Lilla Sellei Bags x Borarti collection. Rolls-type backpack made of softshell material decorated with leaves on a beige base on the outside. There is an outer pocket with two zippers in front of the bag. The zipped inner pocket can be attached to the inside of the bag with two zippers, but it can also be worn as a separate toilet or cocktail bag, or even tied to a belt / belt bag. Its straps are royal blue in color, soft, royal blue with a sponge, and the back is also soft. The buckle is black and the other plastic accessories. The roll-up mouth closes with a buckle and zipper. By unrolling the backpack, the capacity of the bag can be expanded.

Additional information

Country of Origin Hungary
Material softshell
Weight 500.000000 g
SKU 67291-13