Birthday Art Pack Creative party pack



PLATES 12 pcs
CUPS 12 pcs
CUTLERY 12 fork knife spoon
NAPKINS 12 pcs
Straws 12 pcs
placemats 12 pcs
BIRTHDAY SEAL DIY SET 10 pcs seal fairy tale 10 pcs wooden base, decor rubber
Garland 1 pc
Borarti pencil, scissor, markers

Birthdays are important events in the life of every child: with Borarti’s “Birthday Outdoors” pack, you can celebrate this glorious day with real experiences and co-creation in nature.

If it is not raining, we can also make the child’s birthday special by choosing an unusual venue for the celebration. It can be in a park, a hiking place, a clearing, a garden or a playground, the point is to be under the open sky, so we can provide children with more room for movement and space to play. If we choose this solution, we should try to solve the meal as creatively and simply as possible, as everything has to be taken to the chosen location.

It is best to prepare the food in boxes at home, so only the serving is left to do upon arrival.

The most important accessory for a birthday is the cake: if we do the greeting outdoors, it is definitely worth choosing a cake that is easy to transport and not easily ruined. However, we must not make any other compromises: put a lot of emphasis on the decoration to surprise the celebrant with a really showy birthday cake.

With the help of the paper flowers in the pack, you can tie a fabulous bouquet on top of the cake or even on the table. It is easy to make and very showy, plus you can choose from many variations. It all depends on your liking. And if boyish decorations are needed, the flowers can easily be transformed into cute monsters: all you have to do is draw a face on them and put them inversely on the straws.

In the package you will also find a recycled wooden seal base. Onto this, you can make your own seals. You can use them to decorate the glasses and plates, but you can also use them to create together, with the invited guests, so that it will be a joint experience as part of the birthday.

Stamp making is a super program and the finished pieces can be taken home by everyone, so you don’t have to think about the thank you gifts anymore, just put them in the paper bags.

DIY seal making - seal fairy tale
Draw the fictional figure designed for the seal on the rubber decor. It is worth choosing simple but showy shapes. It’s good to plan the pattern on draft paper in advance so you don’t have to experiment on the rubber decor. Use scissors to cut out your plans precisely and then use glue to secure them to the wooden base. The custom seal is already done.
You can dip the seals in the ink pad to make a unique pattern on the garland in the pack. Additionally, you can stamp on the cups and plates. If you really want an exciting activity for the kids, take out the colored cardboard sheets. The seal tale making can begin. Unleash your imagination, figure out the characters and the story together! You can work easily and quickly with the figures on the seal, you can even think of comics. Be as fun and creative as possible! Here and now everything is possible!

Paper flowers
Fold the paper flowers found between the raw materials to form spatial shapes, and then attach the finished works to the straws. When you are done with all of them, arrange them neatly on top of the cake. The sight is enough to fascinate anyone.
One of the best features of these flowers is their versatility, because you can use them in several places, for example, in addition to the cake, you can also decorate the table set with them. They are also good as they never wither away, hence they remain an eternal memory.

Giant paper flower décor
In the pack you will also find paper bags from which you can make giant paper flowers that you can hang on a tree or over the festive table.
Take out 6 bags and cut off their open sides according to the drawing. (You may want to sketch beforehand so that they are all the same.) Then place them on top of each other and glue the bags together at the bottom and along their imaginary half-lines (the attached drawing also helps with this). Stick a folded-in-half string on the center line of the top bag that goes beyond the top of the paper bag (this will allow you to hang the flower later). Unfold the bags as if they were forming a ring and align the petals. When gluing the first and the last side together, it is worth gluing the entire surface so that the finished work is beautiful and the hanger stays in place.

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