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Make your birthday party memorable! During your time with friends, not only can you feel good, but you can also be richer with a piece you have created at the end of the day, which will be a lasting memory for you. The work can be the defining point of such a special occasion to break away from reality.

The unique atmosphere and intimate atmosphere of the Borarti Experience Space further enhances the experience. Here you could really be yourself, you could celebrate yourself. In an inspiring environment, you can become much more open to each other in a close circle of friends.
The creative workshop takes place in a casual atmosphere where everyone can realize their own thoughts.


The topic of the workshop:

-Food artist - spread with colors

Eating is far more important than getting simple food to our bodies. It carries an experience, a memory. You are what you say, and you are the way you eat it. Eating together is a shared experience that is worth enjoying every moment of.
The importance of tablecloths. Eating is an art. In addition to the flavors, the tablecloth is also important for this. In this program, the table is not laid out in the traditional way, but set up as a large playground, so that eating is not just a series of routine movements, but you have to think and talk to the other. In the Borarti Experience Space, there is a fully equipped kitchen for participants to prepare their own menu or even an open fire in our garden. We perceive cooking as a creative process, so we do not make specific recipes, but we pull out the creativity and spontaneity of the participants in the spirit of free creation.

We can accommodate between 6 and 2o people
we welcome everyone with a gift of champagne
catering can be requested by appointment
photographer, video service on request
free parking
garden room
Above 1 person, the gift will be given as a gift

If you want to order a birthday workshop, put as many pieces in the basket as you want to come with.
For time reservations and additional services and extras, please write to, where we can arrange everything and fulfill individual needs.

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