Baby Pack for the little ones



1 pc Pannoncolor Giant Button Paint

6 wooden stamp bases


4 pcs UNI Chalk PWE-5M Marker

PANNONCOLOR Giant Button Paint

We recommend PANNONCOLOR Giant Button Paint to larger preschoolers and teachers. Easily soluble and rich paint discs last a long time and produce beautiful colors, even at strong dilutions.


PANNONCOLOR has been producing tempera paints in Hungary for more than half a century, to the public's satisfaction. We are constantly adjusting and developing our range of colors to meet market needs. We compiled our sets with the involvement of drawing teachers.

Pannoncolor tempera is a water-soluble gouache paint after drying. Richly pigmented, water-based paint is made using traditional roller chair technology using high light fastness pigments, natural minerals and binders. Its colors are bright, intense, its opacity is excellent and it can be layered well. After rapid drying, the silky-touch surface will be evenly matte. With tempera paint it is possible to paint well on almost all absorbent surfaces, on paper, boards, canvas, walls. Tempera paint covers well even in a thin layer, longer-haired brushes are best for applying.

UNI Chalk - liquid chalk

Water-based chalk marker, waterproof after drying, but easy to remove with a damp cloth. Designed for information boards, signage and decoration!

Can also be used on glass, mirrors, metal, plastic, smooth, non-porous surfaces, light boards.

Can be removed with a damp cloth. With the addition of fluorine, you can easily create attention-grabbing writing and drawing.
We have not forgotten the smallest ones either, because the sooner you have to start creating, the better. We recommend this pack for 3-5 year olds who still instinctively take the tools in their hands and leave a mark on the paper. With our button paints, you can experience the joy of free creation, as you don't even need a brush, just your fingers, and the fun can begin.

After taking the first steps, the exploration and understanding of the world in children's lives really begins. He wants to catch everything, he wants to experience it, he is curious and very active. In this age, they gain a lot of knowledge, they have to absorb a lot of information. At the age of 2-3, it is worth introducing them to the creative processes. These are mainly large-scale tasks, and gaining a lot of experience and experimentation is the basis of the tasks. The aim is to harmonize eyes and hands, to learn shapes, colors and materials. All the tasks that affect the senses catch the attention of the little ones, while we develop their skills with it. Experiment, make mistakes, as you learn the most from it, we have no choice but to monitor it carefully so as not to harm yourself.

Water is required for the paint. Water the fingers, then dissolve the paint from the buttons in a circular motion, after which you can draw on the paper. For children who may not be comfortable if their hands get dirty, it is worth putting a piece of sponge in their hands.

Also paint the seals with your fingers and printing can begin.

The simplest tasks are the greatest - that is, circular doodle pancakes

painting on giant paper freely
finger painting
color mixing

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