Builder Pack for boys



cups 30 pcs
plates 20 pcs
straws 50 pcs
cutlery 10 pcs / knife, fork, spoon – all in all 30 different pcs
glue, string, tape, POSCA

A perpetual mobile is a hypothetical machine that, once started, stays in motion forever. It does not take energy away from its environment, and its internal energy remains at a constant level.

Experimenting is a fantastic thing. Capturing and retaining movement and momentum is not an easy task, but all the more exciting. A real challenge!
The task is to keep the ball in the package in motion for as long as possible. You need to build a track that keeps the ball moving for as long as possible, on the most complicated route. In addition to the tools and materials in the pack, look for other items in your household that you can use: Toilet paper rolls, boxes, bottles, wands, duct tape, sticks, leftover planks, anything that is no longer needed but may be suitable for the task.

You can also call your friends, family or anyone for that matter to help, because working together is even more exciting, Not only do you immerse yourself in experimenting with momentum you also create movement. Take your time, you don't have to rush, it is worth working out the parts thoroughly, That is how the end result will be dazzling when everything happens exactly as you planned.
Collide, roll, slam, click, slip, fall, bounce, spin, roll, swing, do as you please, let your imagination captivate you and create the impossible!

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Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 1000.000000 g
SKU 67291-30