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To create freely means to think, make decisions, and act independently. To respect, love and appreciate nature. The Borarti - Create freely! program offers opportunities for children and their parents to help make all of these values an integral part of their everyday lives through a variety of creations, be it a play dough figure, painted pebbles or plant weaving. The leader of the program, who is also the author of the book believes that, children need closeness to nature, an understanding family environment, and plenty of creative creation in today’s performance-oriented world to find themselves and dare to do what they really love.

The book is a great collection of 38 inspiring tasks which are made from recycled materials, household waste, and even treasures collected from nature. From toddlers to adolescents and even adults, the publication is for everyone, as all works can be made at almost any age, only differently. Through our own experiences, we guide the reader into the magical world of free creation, be it at home, outdoors, on the go, with paint, clay, wood, textiles, together or independently.

Creating is good, to create together is a miracle.

cups 30 pcs,
Plates 30 pcs
of which there are many, they can be mixed
wooden teaspoon
colored cardboard
brass fastener

With this package, you receive a creative playground in your hands, with the help of which you can create several projects. Use your imagination, dare to create, let the border be the starry sky and beyond!

Free creation is a method by which you can express yourself and express yourselves. An experiment where there is no bad solution, everything you create is good! Never forget this because this is very important. You can make mistakes because we are human, but never give up, and try until you are happy with the end result.

The pack contains basic tools and materials, it is your job to collect a lot of exciting and unique items for them. Nature is the best space for this.

Go out into the woods and walk with your eyes open: search, discover, collect exciting sticks, leaves, fruits! Take photos of interesting shaped trees, beautiful sunsets, wildflowers! Be careful because many flowers are protected, look after them before you pick them! Get inspired by nature, when you go anywhere, take a pebble, a color - a piece of the forest – with you. These will be such exciting tools for creation that once you get a taste of it, you will never want to stop.

Paper cup figure

Take out the paper cups and make cup figures. First, examine each other carefully. With your eyes closed, touch each other's faces and reveal what you are experiencing. Afterwards, also examine it with your eyes. Look at the proportions, shapes, characteristics.

In the box you will find a paper cup, which will be the base - the head. Then with the help of the brass fastener you will be able to attach all the other body parts to it. Since you are in nature, it is worth looking around you as well. Look for leaves, sticks, fruits that are suitable to implement the idea. Unleash your imagination, create freely! Let them be funny, caricature-like figures, emphasizing on a specific feature.

Paper plate flowers
The paper plates of different shapes and sizes in the pack provide an exciting base for paper flowers. Before you start creating, it’s worth going out into nature to gather inspiration. Look for flowers in the garden, in the yard, on the street, in the park, in the field, in the woods, wherever you turn up. Take photos of them, and when it comes to creating ideas at home, take out pictures, they can help a lot in creating shapes, colors.
You may want to start drawing with a pencil on draft paper so you can experiment with which shape will work best. Numerous downloadable templates are also available on the Internet, but I recommend that you use them only as a last resort. Rather, rely on yourself, create freely!
It is worth coloring the plate before drawing the shape, because this will make the finished work much smoother. You can work with watercolor, tempera or even acrylic paint, but a crayon or felt-tip pen is also good, it's up to you which one you choose. Choose the one you like to work with best, but you can also experiment, mix techniques. For example, draw patterns with crayons and then repaint them, or draw on the painted surface with a felt-tip pen. Once you have the right shape, you can draw the pattern on the plate and you can cut it out with scissors.
You can make the petals spatial by rolling them up one by one on a pencil. With the brass fastener you can attach several petals to each other: and with the multitude of petals made from several plates, you can create even more wonderful flowers.

Paper theatre
To make the paper theater, you will need the Borarti Art Pack suitcase in which you received the materials, but you can look for another box if you would like. Open the box in a standing position towards you and cut out a square shape vertically on the side hand side left. The openable part of the suitcase supports the theater so you can use it easily.
Then comes the real adventure, the play to be written. Cooperate with your friends, your siblings or even the whole family, because working together is even more exciting. Guess the characters, the plot, the venue, give a title to the performance. If you put it all down on paper, make the characters out of the paper cups and then the set as well. Feel free to look for more materials from nature. For example, you can create wonderful wardrobes for actresses from wooden leaves, and make trees, furniture and buildings from sticks and paper. It is up to you to come up with the most creative solutions possible!

Paper animals
Do you have favorite animals? Surely. Make them!
Before you start creating, go out into nature and look for materials for it. Look at the shapes - what does a stick or a pebble remind you of? What shapes are the leaves that face you? Maybe it would come in handy for the creation? Take it home! Collect!
Before the construction, it is worth first making sketches and plans on a draft paper about the implementation. A real design task! Think about how the head, neck, legs will connect to the body. In the pack you will find liquid glue and brass fastener, with the help of which you will be able to work easily, you will be able to fasten the parts together.
You can use a paper plate or a paper cup as a base, but you can even cut them completely apart. Experiment, create freely!
Make wild animals, pets, special fantasy creatures that live only in your thoughts. Color them boldly, use all kinds of colors, don’t be afraid to resort to wilder solutions. You can also look for exciting, usable ingredients in the household. Anything that belongs in the trash, but you picked it out for yourself for some reason, will make your creation super special!

Board Game
Lying on a blanket, playing a board game outdoors is a great pastime. Make your own game from the materials at your disposal and use lots and lots of imagination. You will find cards in the pack, you will need to fill them with content. Be it a question and answer game or a Find a pair!, Guess what! …etc! Look for a topic in nature that is around you, look around and get ideas. Collect pebbles for figures, leaves, sticks, harvest, anything you think can be incorporated into the game. Be cunning to make the game exciting. Plan carefully! Write down the rules of the game!

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