Flower Pack flower print pack



1 pc Pannoncolor x Borarti acrylic additional colors 6 pcs
1 pc Daler Rowney synthetic brush set 4 pcs
2 Pannoncolor hardboard primers
2 Pannon colored canvases
1 sheet of colored cardboard

The connection between man and nature is what we create with our hands from plant raw materials. Experiences, feelings and moods that are captured in our memory, that we keep for ourselves. Nature is the most inspiring medium, you can never get bored and it hides thousands of wonders. Look, see, create! Find inspiration, raw materials from nature, go on a trip to the forest, field, waterfront and look for leaves, flowers and fruits of all shapes and colors.

Paint the collected treasures and make different prints and patterns on the paper. Experiment with colors, patterns, layouts, create sequences from it, then place it in the frame and you’re done with your own decorations. You swapped them later from season to season or according to your mood.

Become a decorator for your own home! Take nature to the apartment! Create freely!

Plant prints, abstract representation

The easiest way to get dirt is to get out into nature. Collect interestingly shaped leaves, plant stems, flowers. Squeeze them down! Choose a sheet of cardboard and take out the tempera paints. Think about what we want to express: emotion, mood, or action. Stir in the appropriate shades, then take out the pressed plants and place them on the sheet according to our ideas.
Try to achieve a harmonious overall effect, fill the available space. Rotate, move the plants until you feel the image is OK. paint them with different colors and gently press them to the same place where they were placed earlier with their paint side. Let's continue printing, let's create the work! Let this be an experiment where we try several variations. There’s no bad solution, so feel free to try thousands of variations without limits.

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