Giant button Tempera for kids completive colors




Water-soluble paint IN HUGE DISCS!
Tempera set - Pannoncolor Giant button paint - 8 colors

We recommend it primarily to preschoolers, because with high-quality paint it is a pleasure and an experience to create. The water-soluble paint gives intense colors. It can be easily painted with a brush, sponge or even a toothbrush.

"As the only Hungarian artist in paints, we have been making paints from quality raw materials since 1954, combining handicraft and factory technology. Based on the needs and feedback of artists, we are constantly developing our products, which are popular with both school and hobby users."

Set contents: white, ultramarine, violet, gold, ocher, body color, turquoise, English red

Pannoncolor Giant Button Ink - 8 colors

Additional information

Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 300.000000 g
SKU 67291-60-03