Giant Domino Pack Think and create!



24 dominoes
6 pcs Posca Marker

Deepening in an activity concentrating, breaking away from everyday life is an activity that calms our minds, clears our souls. Dominoes was one of the basic games of our childhood. We learned to count with them, to form pairs, to play board games, to build, to create. Borarti Giant Domino is a version of this game that offers even more options as you have to create your own patterns for it. You figure out what dots, numbers, pictures, shapes should be on it. You can even draw on both sides using the POSCA markers. An exciting game for the whole family. The construction is even more special, due to its size the building will be much more monumental, so children will be able to work with it more easily and the end result will be more spectacular.
Each piece of the Borarti Giant Domino is handmade from recycled wood, so it may not be completely perfect, not completely the same, but this way it feels much better to create and play with, if we know that we’ve been environmentally conscious.

Sample ideas:
-classic dots, which can even be complicated by varying the colors
-patterns: plants, animals, geometric shapes, objects, signs
-pairing: e.g.: objects and its parts - car-car tire, house-window, wood-leaf

Additional information

Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 1000.000000 g
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