Kollár Borbála, Kollár Franciska: Inspiráció természetesen-Találj rá a kreativitásodra! ISBN:978-615-5417-33-7



The reader is holding the unusual lifestyle guide of the authors. Borbála Kollár and Franciska Kollár share not only creative ideas, but also important ideas that shape attitudes, their main goal being to encourage others to dare to find their creativity - and thus themselves - through their own examples. The book delights and inspires at the same time, and at the same time offers handrails for anyone who wants to create an identical, stylish environment around them. They help you learn the most basic tricks of visual communication, understandably, enjoyably, with ease.
This book is not a lexicon, but rather an object of use that its owner can rotate every day if he or she wants a little encouragement. You will find amazing, clear pictures, calm spaces, breathtaking home landscapes in it - beautiful details of nature outside and inside. And lots of useful ideas. Take it in your hand and forget about it for anyone who wants to find their own style, who wants to personalize their environment and experience the incomparable joy of creation.

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ISBN: 978-615-5417-33-7

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