Leaf Press Pack Memories from nature



leaf press
watercolor paint
block of paper

The connection between man and nature is what we create from our hands, from vegetables and raw materials. Experiences, feelings and moods are captured in our memory that we want to keep to ourselves. Nature is the most inspiring medium, you can never get bored of it and it hides thousands of wonders. Look, see, create! Find inspiration, raw materials from nature, go on a trip to the forest, field, waterfront and look for leaves, flowers and fruits of all shapes and colors. Put the selected flowers and leaves between the sheets in the press, squeeze the press on it, but not too tightly and set it aside for at least two days. Then make a picture out of the smoothed, pressed flowers on the sheets. Before you glue them, move them, rotate them until your picture is done!

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Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 1000.000000 g
SKU 67291-29