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The color range of PANNONCOLOR Acrylic Paint contains 54 colors, which you can also view in our downloadable appendix. The paints are made using traditional roller chair manufacturing technology, so they form an evenly spread layer with great coverage on all surfaces due to their high grain fineness. The paint is creamy and dense, so it can be applied to the surface with a paint knife. The colors blend perfectly and are vivid. Thanks to the quality pigments, the color fastness and opacity of our paints are also high.

Acrylic paint is a very popular type of paint in the fine arts. Its popularity is due to the fact that:
Completely covering, the applied paint completely covers the underlying layer. Of course, if you dilute it enough with water or acrylic thinner, it will be glazed and translucent enough to make the underlying layer disappear. This is specifically a color mixing technique, in which case you do not mix the two colors, but create a new color from them using the aforementioned glaze technique.

It dries quickly in a matter of hours, so unlike using oil paint, you don't have to wait weeks for your image to be transported and exhibited. Of course, this property of acrylic paint requires you to design your image accurately in advance. Do this by drawing a sketch of your image with a hard graphite pencil (the H pencils are hard) before painting.
However, if you do "spoil" the paint, you'll make minor flaws, you'll just have to wait for the paint to dry, and you can fix it by painting the right colors.

It is waterproof after drying, so as I mentioned earlier, after the acrylic paint dries, you can safely paint the next coat.

It is water based, so you can dilute it with water, you don't have to use strong-smelling solvents to dilute or clean your equipment. This is especially useful in winter, when ventilating your room or workshop is especially difficult due to the cold weather.

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