Pannoncolor aquarell paint set 12 x 4 ml



Pannoncolor watercolor paint

Pannoncolor watercolor paint is a high-quality, professional watercolor paint made from high-quality raw materials with an extremely careful process. Thanks to the high-quality pigments, the ink has excellent light fastness, bright and well-mixed colors, and thanks to the roller chair technology, the ink spreads gently on the paper. Thanks to the natural and high-quality binders, the paint can be easily reconstituted even after drying, and the paint dried on the pallet can also be reused.
Watercolor is a special type of watercolor, as it can be dissolved even after drying. The light, playful, glazed effect of the watercolor images is due to the abundant use of water. When painting, you can create a painting with vivid and yet glazed colors that run into each other easily. The light reflected from the light base gives our painting a mysterious effect as it passes through the thin, translucent layer of paint. The creation is a bit contingent as we don’t know how the paint will run on the paper, but with a little practice and creativity we can create beautiful paintings!

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Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 60.000000 g
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