Pannoncolor pastell chalk 12 pieces set



PANNONCOLOR Pastels are made of quality pigments with handcrafted technology. Due to the high pigment content of the soft pastel chalks, the colors are vibrant, with high light fastness and opacity. The full color gamut contains 192 colors.
We recommend our pastel chalk to creative creators looking for an intense and varied color experience. The colors of the extra fine, dry powder pastel can be strong or faint, breath-taking, depending on how hard you press the chalk onto the paper. Smaller details can be drawn with the edges, while larger surfaces can be colored with the flat half of the chalk.
Working with pastel is a transition between drawing and painting. The ink particles adhere to the paper without binder, only due to the roughness of the surface. The technique of pastel originally inherited its chalk drawing, but later its painting potential became more and more important, taking advantage of the fact that a softer or stronger application results in different shades, and like oil painting, colors can be mixed on the surface itself. The artist uses tools other than pastel sticks, fingers, a brush, a curled cloth or a paper rod, and so on. also used to improve the image, to rub off the dust.

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Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 200.000000 g
SKU 67291-40