Picnic Pack for adventures



PLATES 12 pcs
CUPS 12 pcs
CUTLERY 12 knives, forks, spoons
NAPKINS 12 pcs
Paper mats 12 pcs
ECO discs 12 pcs
1 pc grill oven
3-4 pcs different take away boxes
plate, cutlery, napkin, cups 12 pcs

+ 5 m string, felt-tip pen set, brass fastener, paint, scissors

Family board game

A shared picnic is an experience for the whole family. It will be talked about for years to come if it is successful. But what makes an outdoor day special, be it a park, a forest clearing or just a green area on the outskirts? The fact, that everything is well prepared. The food is tastefully prepared in the boxes, all we need, is to put it in our mouths! During the trip, we will find activities that both children and adults can engage in, either together or separately. Active participation is key to great experiences.

With a little creativity, each piece of tableware can be individually personalized, kids can come up with their own themed ideas. While parents are doing the preparations at home, children can already decorate the plates, glasses and silverware with the help of some paint or felt-tip pan.

It is worth to take a creative approach to preparing food, as this is a creative activity too. Cut many seasonal vegetables into equal pieces and place them in a box. This makes for a perfect snack and a side dish as well. Prepare everything neatly for the grill as well, whether we want to grill sausages, cheese or vegetables, everything should be ready in advance.
We also can prepare tortillas by chopping up the ingredients beforehand and placing them into boxes, so as to when we are outdoors we just have to pile up and cook them.

The Borarti Art Pack not only includes the basic equipment for a picnic, it also has suitable raw materials for creative activities. During the picnic, there will come a moment when the children need something to do, this is when the creative ideas and funny games come into play. It’s a real fun family experiment to do these together.

Take out the paper cups and make a cup-family. First, examine each other carefully. With your eyes closed, touch each other's faces and say what you feel out loud. Afterwards, examine each other thoroughly. Look at shapes, proportions, characteristics. Decide who will create who, you can even decide it by picking names blindfolded. Then there will be no debate about it! Involve the parents, then it will be even funnier. Followed by this, select the raw materials. In the box you will find a paper cup, which will be the base - the head. Then with the help of a brass fastener you can attach all the other body parts too. Since you are in nature, it is worth looking around there as well. Look for leaves, sticks or fruit that is suitable to implement the idea. Unleash your imagination, create freely! Let them be funny, caricature-like figures, emphasizing on a specific feature.


Today, in the world of smartphones, kids barely know what a landline is. With a simple game, in a matter of seconds we can illustrate to them the meaning of this.

Take two paper cups and using the brass fastener, pierce a hole through the middle of the bottom cup. Then from the package pull the rope through it and knot it on the inside. It should be strung in a way that the bottoms of both cups face each other. Pull the two edges of the rope out and you can already make the phone call from behind two trees. Adventure! Play freely! Unleash your imagination! The point is, stay tight on the ‘wire’!

Family board game making:
Playing a board game and lying on a blanket outdoors is a great past-time. From the materials at your disposal any by using lots and lots of fantasy, create your own game. In the pack, you will find cards. You will need to fill them with content. Be it a question and answer game or matching. Make it happen! Look around you, you will get ideas from nature. You can collect pebbles for figures, use leaves or sticks. Anything you think of can be incorporated into the game. Be smart, and you will make the game exciting. Plan carefully! Write down the rules of the game!

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