Stamp Story Pack Stories in pictures



12 pcs/pack
decor foam
2 pcs POSCA markers thick
4 pcs POSCA markers thin
paper block

When walking in the woods we can observe the footprints of the animals on the ground. Indians were also able to defend themselves with the help of footprints. Stamping in a way is its manual, man-made technology. It is exciting to stamp, to leave a mark, to make imprints of patterns, because afterwards we can use these stamps as many times as we want, through reproduction we can also design wallpaper and textile patterns.

First of all, it is worth designing the pattern, the figure you want to make with a pencil on draft paper. Then draw a circle around the stamp handle on the decor foam to see how much pattern can fit on it. Draw the pattern as well and cut it out of the decor foam. Carefully glue it to the stamp handle and wait for it to dry. After that you can start stamping. Use the POSCA marker to paint the foam and then press it onto the paper. Make a story out of it, stamp it, draw it and then make up the characters and plot. The whole family can be involved in fantasizing, such an activity spent together can be a scene of great laughter.

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Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 1000.000000 g
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