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Uni Emott set 5 PCS SET
Séllei Lilla pen holder
Daler Rowney synthetic brush set 4 pcs
Pannon color watercolor paint in a metal box of 12 pcs
sketch booklet pannon color
MIX toilet - SOFTSHELL Borarti
Do you like to paint? Then you will love this product! This drawing folder is designed to be a complete little package so you can just throw it in your bag and get it anywhere you want to draw, even while traveling. Take it with you on a trip, vacation, anywhere!
MIX belt bags are toiletries, “pockets” that you can pull on the straps of large roll-up belt bags or on the waistbands in this category, which can also be purchased separately, but you can also use them as a pen holder.
This model is part of the Lilla Sellei Bags x Borarti collection, made of a softshell leaf pattern on a beige base on the outside, with a royal blue linen lining and a black hiding strap on the inside.


Additional information

Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 1000.000000 g
SKU 67291-46-02