UNI POSCA oil based pencil 36 pieces



UNI POSCA oil-based pencil in bright colors!

The composition of POSCA pencils is a combination of high pigment number and wax / wax, thus giving a very soft and silky writing experience. You can also create with it on canvas. An oil painting effect can be achieved by mixing the drawing line with tools used for oil painting. It doesn’t shine even when pressed hard on the surface.

POSCA pencils has a unique composition that contains more oil than wax. This makes the colors bright and vibrant. It can be sharpened perfectly and does not break the mountain even under strong pressure.

With POSCA pencils, we can perform all kinds of drawing techniques, from shading through color mixing to contouring.

Available in 36 colors, the artist’s pencil contains 6 color depths and allows us to create a deep, rich color concentration. Works on both light and dark paper.

The package includes the following colors: black, white, light gray, gray, dark gray, dark brown, brown, ivory, ash brown, light ocher, ocher, navy blue, dust blue, blue, light blue, green blue, sky blue, purple, violet, mallow, fuchsia, light pink, coral red, pink, red, cinnamon, dark red, orange, bright yellow, light orange, yellow, lemon yellow, green tea, apple green, fresh green, light green, green, emerald green, pine green, khaki green with dark olives.

Tip material: WAX, TALC, Pigment and resin.

Line thickness (mm): 4 mm differs depending on the writing angle

Writing length (meters): 150-200 meters depending on the pressure placed on the pencil

Additional information

Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 60.000000 g
SKU 67291-65