UNI POSCA PC-3M - 1 piece Aqua green




The PC-3M is an ideal choice for many users: artists, creative professionals, so-called designers, who color or tint their designs; for creating a scrapbook for creative hobbyists, making a postcard, decorating a photo, drawing on a glass, creating a beautiful blackboard. Ideal for decorators who innovate with this product, surfers to make their boards unique and casual creative people who use their POSCA to change their caps or T-shirts, as well as budding artists to create drawings full of light, deep colors.
Shake the marker vigorously up and down with the cap on. The ball inside the pen shaft (you hear its movement as you shake it) mixes the paint inside the marker.
Press the tip over the paper several times until the tip is full of toner. I suggest testing the tip's ink soak on a separate piece of paper - if the line is clean, uniform, the POSCA is ready to use. It is useful to keep a piece of clothing nearby so that you can soak up the excess ink spilling on the mountain and keep the mountain clean.
If the toner flows less continuously during use, shake it again, making sure the cap is on the pen to prevent the toner from spilling out. Drink the mountain again and you're done!
If necessary, the tip can be cleaned by holding it under the tap. You can do this as often as you see fit. If it dries out, you can soak it in water at night.
If the mountain is damaged, it can be rolled out and replaced with a new one - this can be purchased separately. It has a reversible tip for PC-3M and PC-5M sizes. Interchangeable tips: PC-1MC, PC-3M, PC-5M, PC-7M, PC-8K, PC-17K
POSCA felts can be stored in any position. The important thing is to put the cap back on after use. The ball inside, which stirs up the paint, stays in the feather shaft perfectly permanently. If possible, store the brush-headed POSCA lying down.

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Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 200.000000 g
SKU 67291-22-32