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Weaving is one of the oldest craft techniques that was a job for women to do. Yarns were used to make woven fabrics and home textiles. The basics of this technique are easy to master because the basics are easy to learn and success is ensured. The monotonous activity calms you down, puts you in a meditative state, you will be able to concentrate and pay attention inwards.


-Weaving frame
-Yarns of different thicknesses and colors
-Tree branch from the nature
-Weaving needle

-Design the pattern on paper, select yarns of the right color and thickness. The warp yarn should be placed on the frame. It should be stretched longitudinally between the teeth. This creates a standing row of yarn, in which the weft yarn can be threaded from below using the needle.

This crosswise, up and down lacing is repeated so that you have to turn back at the end of each row and then continue from right to left and then from left to right.

You can make tassels by knotting them at the bottom.

You can also include flowers, tree branches and plant fibers into the weaving.

Finally, when the whole thing is done, the warp yarn should be tied on both sides. Find a nice stick, and attach it to the woven wall mat.

The possibilities for variations are almost endless, experiment with colors, patterns, shapes, raw materials. This creative activity is real fun to engage in.

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