Wood Balance Pack the balance of nature



12 pcs of wooden pebbles
4 POSCA markers
2 pcsAnnie Sloan paint

Engaging in an activity, concentrating, focusing, breaking away from everyday life are activities that help our minds to calm down and our souls to purify. With the help of the Wood Balance set, we can get into a deep meditative state where we can calm down and slow down. This is a multi-step process, as it begins with a creative activity, then we can seek balance by stacking the wooden bodies on top of each other.

The first step in decorating is to paint the wooden pebbles on each side. We are able to mix wonderful shades thanks to its natural pigments. After drying we can decorate the surfaces further with the help of the POSCA marker. We can achieve exciting effects if we leave one side unpainted, so that the tree rings can prevail. It is fully up to your choice how the result will look like – it is essential, however, not to rush or hurry: experience the freedom given by creation!

When you are done with painting, balancing follows. Build a tower, a bridge – anything! Experiment, concentrate, be patient! After a hard day, on vacation, at the weekend, alone or with the family – you can take it out anytime and play with it as you wish! While you are not using it, it makes a wonderful decoration on the shelf.

Additional information

Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 1000.000000 g
SKU 67291-28