Wooden decoration - my little flower garden with tea light holder




Bring nature to your home!
Each piece is unique and carries the philosophy represented by the Borarti brand. Respect for nature, love, simplicity. If possible, we use recycled raw materials, so each piece is made for you with a slightly different, special, non-template, conveyor belt. For us, these are all special because they can be linked to a personal experience and are made by a human hand. It’s like we’re a little bit involved in each piece. We make them wholeheartedly so that they can then set out and fulfill their mission. Move into their new home, where their presence will bring happiness, tranquility, inspiration to their owners and draw their attention to the importance of being close to nature. Add energy to everyday life and intimacy to weekends. Whenever you look at it, a pleasant shiver runs through your body, like when the first warm breeze of spring hits our face. Let us realize, like a cold icicle, that we need to connect with nature. We need to connect to the motherland in some way. These objects serve this purpose to remind us all day by day. Feel it, look at it, touch it. Be in it. This is my way to nature.

Use it as a table decoration, window decoration, shelf or in the children's room!

Put cut flowers, dried flowers, paper flowers, mini paper theater, anything that comes to mind. Collect, create freely, enjoy it!

Additional information

Country of Origin Hungary
Weight 500.000000 g
SKU 67291-59-05